Ontario Electrical Safety Code for a Safe Electrical Renovation Project

Today, homeowners take electricity for granted. With a flip of a switch, you can turn on the lights, charge electrical appliances and heat food in the microwave. It is very simple and convenient. But, remember that a lot of effort goes into making electricity available to you. And, it is imperative that you ensure safe usage of electricity. A safe electrical system is necessary for every home. It becomes all the more important for old homes because it contains old wires and outdated technology.

Have you purchased an old home recently? Have you inherited an old property lately? If you wish to live in an old home, you will have to consider an electrical renovation project. It will enable you to upgrade the electrical system of your home and make it safe as well as energy-efficient.

Whenever you consider the possibility of an electrical renovation project, do not forget to think about safety. If you do not ensure safe installation of electrical wires and equipment, you will violate the Ontario Electrical Safety Code. Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) publishes the technical document every three years. It governs all kinds of electrical wiring projects as well as electrical installation projects in homes and commercial properties.

2015 Ontario Electrical Safety Code

The ESA published a new safety code for the homeowners of Ontario in order to consider several changes that were made in the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC). It includes major changes to the following sections:

· Renewable energy,

· Hazardous locations,

· Electric heating,

· Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCIs),

· Non-commercial docks,

· LED in residential occupancies,

· Supply connectors for recreational vehicles, etc.

Will the New Ontario Electrical Safety Code affect your Electrical Renovation Project?

According to the law, every renovation project that a homeowner undertakes after May 5, 2016 must comply with the requirements of the Ontario Electrical Safety Code. So, discuss everything related to legal compliance with your electrical contractor before starting the work.

Do not consider any renovation project as a DIY job. Faulty wires and damaged circuits can result in loss of life. So, it is better to rely on the expertise of a licensed electrical contractor to do the job for you.

Common Electrical Code Violations

An ESA inspector will determines whether your renovation project complies with the Ontario Electrical Safety Code. If he finds any violation of the safety code, he can issue you a Defect Notice. Here a couple of violations that can put you on the wrong side of the law:

· Ungrounded receptacles

· Unapproved connectors

· Defective electrical panel

· Improper installation of electrical wires

· Use of outdated technology

· Unsafe electrical maintenance techniques

· Overloaded circuits

· Outdated electrical devices

· DIY electrical renovation projects

Expert at your Service!

If you receive a Defect Notice from the ESA, do not worry. The authorities will provide you with a timeframe to correct the electrical defect. But, it is important to remember that correcting the defect is not a DIY job. Consult a licensed electrical contractor in your area to help you out. Before hiring a contractor, make sure that he understands everything related to the new Ontario Electrical Safety Code and has experience of correcting the defects properly. It will ensure that you do not have to face any problem with the authorities in the future.

If you do not consider the current Ontario Electrical Safety Code, opting for an renovation project can become a noose around your neck. So, comply with the requirements for a safe renovation project.

Landscape Lighting: A Way to Make Your Home Look the Best From the Rest

The saying manifests an important fact of life. A striking personality makes a lasting impression. As homeowners, we take great measures to add beauty to our homes. But, one aspect that remains highly neglected is the landscape lighting. Without proper lighting, the beauty of the entire landscape can go to waste.

Landscape lighting is a very broad area to explore. It can prove to be a little tricky without an expert’s help. Instead of considering it as a DIY job, it is advisable to hire a professional electrical contractor who knows the job well. But, you can consider a few tips before hiring an expert.


Consider different looks for your home. There are so many varieties of lighting fixtures available in the market. And each day, a new type of fixture is added to the list. Make clear decisions to avoid confusion in the future. Do not forget your main aim. It can be anything from illuminating an entire pathway to highlighting a particular part of the lawn. So, it is important to visualize what type of look you want for the exterior of your home.

Focus on the ‘Must-Haves’

While listing all your lighting objectives, make sure that you have all the basic elements covered. It includes pathway, porch, garden boundary, staircase, water fountains driveway, etc. Consider all the basic elements because they not only accessorize the exterior of your home but also add to its curb appeal.

Take care of positioning the Lighting Fixtures

While positioning the lighting fixtures, take care of how they will look at night. Make sure that they do not cast any unwanted shadow. Be extra careful and ensure that the fixtures do not throw unwanted light-rays in any rooms that are supposed to have a soft appeal.

Inclusion of Technology

It is frustrating to turn on the lights every night and wake up early in the morning to turn them off. Instead, set the lighting fixtures to a particular time and opt for automatic operation. Nowadays, there are lighting fixtures that come with power-saving features. Ask the electrical contractor to make optimum use of modern technology in order to make the exterior of your home look beautiful with minimum effort.

Avoid Nuisance

Landscape lighting can be a major setback if it disturbs the surrounding areas in one way or the other. Light-rays must not create nuisance for your neighbors. It must not throw unwanted attention on the neighboring homes. A practical approach to the problem can be the use of shields or glare-guards.

Landscape lighting is a good idea to add an extra touch to the overall curb appeal of your home. Whether it is highlighting the small elements of your garden or adding an architectural effect to your home, an electrical contractor can work wonders with the help of landscape lighting. If you want your home to look the best, do not forget to incorporate landscape lighting in your ideas.

Pressing Need for Lightning Protection Installation

The force of lightning has affected a large number of lives, leading to death. An electrical strike can cause a lot of damage to buildings be it big or small as well as the people living in it. A strike can destroy commercial as well as residential buildings. Over the years, newer grounds have been broken with the advent of technology. The latest innovation is the lightning protection installation that brings stronghold to your property against the threat of electrical striking. In order to eliminate the hazards and dangers of electrical surges, it is necessary to have ample safety measures.

Go for Regular Lightning Protection Maintenance

There are hundreds of people who suffer from serious injuries or lose their lives on account of such attacks. Along with this, a large number of properties and valuable possessions are also destroyed causing a lot of damage to the owner of the property and the occupants living in it. To get rid of such dangerous and risky hazards, a professional contractor must be hired who provides lightning protection maintenance on a regular basis.

Hire the Best Company providing Electrical Surge Protection

There are a number of companies that offer a wide range of electrical surge protection systems that have a dedicated team of installers who are largely trained in the latest industry practices of installation and maintenance. These companies make use of the latest technology and cutting-edge machinery at the time of the project. These organizations have a team of adept technicians who possess expert knowledge about lightning protection. Also, as per the laws, it has become compulsory to equip a building with these safety systems to safeguard the structure and its occupants. These companies make sure to perform a regular risk assessment of the structure to determine the level of safety and to design a safety plan accordingly. In addition, strict quality standards and guidelines are to be followed that are ongoing in the electrical bolt industry. These companies specialize in earthing and safety solutions, designed to minimize the hazards that are associated with it. They also help you to channel the electrical surge away from the property so that it dissipates naturally into the ground, leaving the building and the people living in it untouched.